How To Build Your Personal Brand With Corporate Headshots

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Many companies' websites and corporate communications use inconsistent employee and executive headshots. Consistent and unique business headshots are a great asset if you want to unify your company's visual and brand identity.

We have collaborated with many businesses to define a custom look that is clean, modern, and fresh for all employees. 

This page contains a few examples of work we've completed for some of our clients. Each has a distinct look and feel that was tailored to them prior to the shoot. Sessions can take place either at our studio or at your location.

Here are 6 reasons

why Corporate Headshots

help to build your personal branding.

1)  Corporate headshots make a FIRST IMPRESSION on your customers

Considering professional photography could be expensive, it can be tempting to do it yourself or hire a low-cost alternative.

However, keep in mind that your photos are your brand. Your photos and website are vital when it comes to establishing a strong first impression on customers.

Top organizations that put effort into how their personnel appear online, and as a result, they are more likely to win.

sunnyvaleassociation_gridsunnyvaleassociation_grid aecore_gridaecore_grid

2) Corporate headshots IMPROVE YOUR BRAND

A distinctive and genuine headshot effectively expresses who you are and what you do.

You may use your headshot to improve your brand by using creative photographs to tell your narrative. They provide your clients the opportunity to get to know you and form a personal connection with you before you even speak to them.

Headshots that are current and high-quality allow you to put yourself out there.

Anyone seeking a photo for online or print publications, speaking engagements, or blog contributions can email your headshot to you.

It can open doors to new prospects if you have a new headshot that reflects who you are.


3) Corporate headshots demonstrate your COMMITMENT TO YOUR COMPANY

Corporate headshots can help you build a more consistent, memorable, and authentic brand.

The About Us page on most corporations' websites, which includes professional headshots, is most likely the second most frequented page on your website.


This page is your opportunity to engage with prospects and show off your top staff. As a result, professional corporate headshots are essential for businesses because they are the first thing that customers, clients, and suppliers will see.


4) Corporate headshots send a message about WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU STAND FOR

A headshot can be taken in a variety of ways, including different backgrounds, people standing or sitting, professional or casual dress, people smiling or exhibiting a serious expression, and so on.

The 'feel' of a headshot is created by a variety of subtle but important characteristics.

You're not just photographing an employee when you choose the type of corporate images you desire. You're capturing the tone and vibe of your company.

A corporate headshot is a quick and easy method to communicate your company's culture.

eidebailly_company_menlo_park_corpotrate_headshot_1eidebailly_company_menlo_park_corpotrate_headshot_1 venturesir_gridventuresir_grid

5) Corporate headshots make you STAND OUT

A corporate headshot separates your company from the competition.

It gives you a professional, clean, and modern look. It demonstrates your gratitude for your employees as well as your commitment to being a good business owner.

It brings together all of your strengths to demonstrate why customers should choose your business over your competition.

health_gridhealth_grid man_laughing_studio_portrait_with_black_backgroundman_laughing_studio_portrait_with_black_background

6) Corporate headshots can be used to generate your BRAND LOOK

Finally, The truth is that most businesses are indifferent about the branding of headshots. Of course, they want great and professional shots, but the branding elements are never included in their requests.

Some of the companies we've worked with already have a branding scheme in place and expect me to conform to it. Others ask for my assistance in creating one.

Increased and improved branding is becoming particularly crucial in all forms of promotion, both online and offline, so it is reasonable to prioritize this.

woman_business_commercial_portrait_headshotwoman_business_commercial_portrait_headshot Studio_headshot_Portrait_terrificshot-4Studio_headshot_Portrait_terrificshot-4

A strong and creative look for one type of company may be excessive for another.

The look should be consistent with your company's culture and what people have come to expect from companies in your industry.  

woman_portrait_with_greenish_backdrop_studiowoman_portrait_with_greenish_backdrop_studio pink_headshot_bacgroundpink_headshot_bacground greenhish_bacground_headshot_portraitsgreenhish_bacground_headshot_portraits yellow_bacground_man_headshotyellow_bacground_man_headshot

What are the various types of corporate portraits looks ?

 it's important to understand the differences to see what might work best for your company.

You can also read our blog post about what you need to know to plan for corporate headshots.

Consider the following different types of headshots:

    woman headshot with gray backgroundwoman headshot with gray background  

A classic headshot

This is your standard shoulders and above headshot, usually taken against a plain background.

These are typically taken in a studio setting, where the lighting can be adjusted to generate the best image.

Experiment with various angles and lighting setups to see what works best.

amaranth_medical-2amaranth_medical-2 amaranth_medical-4amaranth_medical-4 amaranth_medical-3amaranth_medical-3  

Editorial headshot

These portraits are typically taken at your workplace and used in magazines or other publications. Editorial photos frequently include branding or represent exactly what you do.


Environmental headshot

Many people believe that environmental headshots can only be taken outside, although they may be taken both indoors and outside.

For example, you might utilize your office as the backdrop for your headshot, or you could go outdoors and use the trees and buildings as the backdrop.

Environmental headshots give a level of detail and interest to your portrait that you wouldn't get in a studio.

woman_wearing_white_lab_smock_corporate_medical_headshot_businesswoman_wearing_white_lab_smock_corporate_medical_headshot_business woman_corporate_headshot_blurred_office_backgroundwoman_corporate_headshot_blurred_office_background woman_in_medical_lab_coat_white_portraitwoman_in_medical_lab_coat_white_portrait

Portraits in the studio

Having your business photo taken in a studio has a number of benefits, including the ability to select everything from the background color to texture.

Studio photos are great for those working in professions that require a high level of expertise and precision, such as the medical and technical fields.

Stanford Doctor Portrait Studio with White Background by TerrificShot PhotograpyStanford Doctor Portrait Studio with White Background by TerrificShot Photograpy alchip_gridalchip_grid

Team photo

You'll need some time to get everyone together, posed, and ready for the photo for a group shot. Multiple shots will be taken because there will inevitably be someone blinking or not posing properly.

It's critical to achieve a consistent look for group shots, from the colors you wear to how you pose and even the expressions on your faces.

Take the time to properly plan your group shot and seek advice from your photographer if you are unsure.

instabug_team_photoinstabug_team_photo behind scene corporate business head shotbehind scene corporate business head shot

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