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How Important is the ERAS Medical Residency Photo?

Your ERAS Medical Residency headshot is essential because faculty members make fast judgments about how serious you are based on the appearance of your ERAS photo. And this is before they even look at your application.

Because a high-quality headshot is expensive, some residency candidates may be tempted to take their own photo or ask a friend to take it with a good camera.
Using an amateurish photo or something that appears "cheap" indicates to faculty members that you are a person who does not pay attention to detail.

In many situations, they will not even consider your application if your photo does not meet specific requirements. This is due to the fact that they do not have the time to read hundreds of applications and want a faster method of narrowing them all down.


What color is the backdrop of an ERAS photograph?

A white or light gray backdrop generally shines out as a thumbnail on ERAS and is statistically more likely to be clicked on, which means more eyes on your application.

However, other candidates prefer a darker backdrop for a more sleek and traditional appearance. That being stated, do not photograph with anything other than a flat studio backdrop behind you, otherwise your shot will not be considered seriously by faculty members.

What size should the ERAS picture be?

The proper format is 2.5 by 3.5 inches at 150 dpi, with a maximum file size of less than 100 KB. It must be in color, with your entire face and shoulders visible, and centered in the middle of the photograph.


What Should I Wear for Headshots for Residency?

In general, you should dress professionally for your medical residency headshot. Avoid wearing scrubs for headshots unless you are also bringing a suit for your primary ERAS photo.

Remember to dress for the job you desire, not the job you now hold. If you're still unsure, feel free to contact us! We are always willing to offer guidance.

Wearing a white coat for your primary application photo is not recommended. You can take an extra image with a white coat if your photographer permits it, but it is typically not advised for ERAS photo submissions.
According to studies, candidates who wear glasses are statistically more likely to receive interview invitations; however, we only advocate wearing glasses if you really wear them! 

Wear little jewelry and avoid low-cut clothing. In general, your outfit should be conservative so that faculty members may assess you based on your application rather than your photo.


Should I smile for an ERAS photo?

Absolutely! Because of the professionalism of the backdrop, outfit, and general appearance of your shot, we recommend smiling so you don't come out as too "aloof."

Consider your smile to be a signal to faculty members that you are nice and easy to work with, and consider your clothes and backdrop to be signals to faculty members that you are highly professional, trustworthy, and take your career seriously.

If you're happy with your teeth, we recommend an open-mouthed smile; if you're not, we propose a closed-mouth smile. Simply avoid a solemn/stern look, and you'll be fine!