What should you do to be ready for Corporate headshots?

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What should you do to be ready for corporate headshots?

Corporate portraits are important in projecting a positive image of your organization. It is essential to consider the message you want to portray and dress accordingly.

A legal firm, for example, may choose to wear a suit and appear more serious, whilst a creative business owner may want something more informal and entertaining for their headshot. 

Portraits, whether editorial or professional, assist to humanize your business. 

Here's a guide to preparing for Corporate business photoshoots, including what to dress, posture, and other factors that will help you make the greatest impression possible.

There are two kinds of Corporate portraits:
Editorial portraits and professional portraits are two forms of Corporate business headshots that are unique from one another.


1. Editorial Portrait

Editorial photography is a type of photography that tries to convey a narrative or depict an idea. It is often taken at the workplace.  Magazine, newspapers, editorial features, and journalism frequently use editorial photography. Unlike commercial photography, editorial photography is based on a story rather than a brand. As a result, the motivation is not to sell, but rather to express and engage. A restaurant business owner, for example, may have their editorial photo taken in the store while wearing work attire. 



2. Professional Portrait

Professional headshots are often taken in the studio or office locations with a neutral background and specific lighting to ensure that the subject is in focus. The subject's shoulders and top of the chest are generally apparent in terms of framing. Office attire can be formal or informal, depending on the firm and the image it wants to project.

Professional headshots are frequently used by major corporations to promote their workers, but they are also used as a profile image on social media sites such as Linkedin and Twitter, as well as on CVs. Getting the correct balance in a headshot is tough; here are the essential things to learn in order to take a great headshot that receives positive feedback!


Consider the following 5 tips while getting Corporate Headshots taken:

1. How to look? 

Some people are self-conscious about particular facial features. Portrait photographers are used to hearing this, so don't be shy about telling them, for example, that one of your eyes is larger than the other. In this scenario, the photographer may position you to one side so that both eyes appear to be the same size.


2. How to smile? 


Everyone has a signature smile. The one you offer instinctively if you're asked to smile for a picture. This is known as your natural smile. People frequently lift their chins and smile a little too broadly. This smile narrows your eyes and adds wrinkles and creases, yet it may also appear quite engaging.



The business smile is smaller and less forced than a natural smile. Lower your chin slightly. This shows that you are attentive and accessible. Begin by closing your mouth. Work your way up from a no-smile to a medium-sized smile until your teeth are visible. Increase your smile until your eyes begin to squint slightly. This is a confident, pleasant, and interested smile.
Most individuals can tell whether or not they are smiling with their teeth. Even for professional headshots, smiling with and without your teeth works, so smile in whichever way seems most natural to you. A forced smile is unappealing and may make you appear dishonest. 




3. What to wear for a corporate headshot?   

For men, we recommend a medium to a dark suit jacket, or if you are not wearing a jacket, you should wear a shirt color other than white, if you need a headshot against a white background. Bold patterns and colors, as well as flashy ties, draw attention away from the face and might appear unprofessional.   


For women, we recommend a top with a simple neckline (scoop neck works well) with minimal jewelry.  Here is our blog about 5 tips on what women should wear for a headshot 



There is no rigid rule for ‘what to wear,' as long as your attire matches your organization. A far more "relaxed" style, for example, has been adopted among startups. Jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers are permitted; the idea is that you arrive to work dressed as you would in everyday life.


4. How to pose?

Body language is essential for conveying confidence. Maintain a straight back and don't slouch your shoulders, but don't overdo it or you'll appear stiff. Don't put your hands in your pockets or cross your arms; this is closed body language that makes you appear unapproachable. Consider your company's core values or principles and inform the photographer so that they can assist you in portraying them via your body language.



5. What about my hair and make-up?

Hair and makeup are essential aspects for creating the appropriate image in your headshots. Before going for the photoshoot, both men and women should examine their face and hair.

Plan Ahead:  Allow yourself the choice of scheduling a facial, shaping your brows, whitening your teeth (we will also whiten your teeth during the editing process), or having your hair cut or color touched up, depending on the appearance you want to show. None of these actions are required or even necessarily suggested, but if you believe they are, you should arrange them ahead of time.

Don't have any heavy grooming the day before or on the day of your shoot. You don't want to come directly to the studio after having your brows or lips waxed since you'll have visible redness on your face.

In the days preceding up to your shoot, make sure you're drinking lots of water. Dehydration makes cracked lips and dry skin. Apply sunscreen liberally in the week leading up to your shoot to avoid getting a sunburn or peeling skin from overexposure.



Make-up: While you want to keep your makeup application as near to your normal appearance as possible, there are a few exceptions to keep in mind. Certain forms of makeup, even if they appear fine in person, are especially unattractive in headshots. Some important points to remember are:

  • Wearing a lot of under-eye liner might make you seem older. 
  • Powder is generally overly flat when applied all over the face. 
  • For professional headshots, use neutral eyeshadows. 
  • SPF makeup is often too reflective for studio lighting. Avoid using sun protection products for your shot.
  • Lip gloss should be avoided since it is excessively glossy.

It's best if you can hire a professional makeup artist to apply your makeup before the session. If you're having your headshot done inside, make sure to notify your makeup artist that you'll need a makeup application that's designed for studio lighting.

We do not advocate make-up for men clients unless you have severe acne and/or a skin issue that you want to hide. Minor acne is best addressed during the editing process.


Maintain Clean Facial Hair
There's no need to shave your facial hair for your headshots if you normally have it. You should, however, ensure that it is nicely cut and maintained for your photoshoot. If you normally shave, you should shave before your shot. If shaving irritates your skin, you can shave the night before, but you don't want to push this chore out anymore.



Professionally Style Your Hair
When it comes to hairstyle, you should go with a look that is consistent with how you would present yourself at work. Consider how you would normally style your hair for a job interview, critical meeting, or professional presentation. These are the looks you wish to achieve. Consider how you would style your hair for an audition if you are getting headshots for an acting profession.


A moderate blowout with some soft volume is typically preferable for longer hair. Take the time to comb and style your short hair, and use products as needed to hold it in place. Use caution when using hair gel or other treatments that might provide a glossy appearance that seems wet or slick under studio lighting.

Contact our team at TerrificShot Studio Photography™ if you need an expert photographer to assist you to shoot great headshots in the Bay area. We have worked on business headshots, acting headshots, corporate headshots, and other types of headshots. Make your appointment now and begin preparing for successful portraits.


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I spent most of the time in company so I was searching to have simple professional look. I got here fantastic information for hair and makeup.
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