Corporate Event Photography: Capturing the Essence of Your Business

January 06, 2023  •  2 Comments

Corporate event photography is essential for preserving and promoting the events that organizations host. Professional photography can capture the highlights and vibe of any event, including conferences, product launches, and holiday parties. These photographs can then be used for promotional and marketing campaigns.


Here are some 10 tips for getting the most out of corporate event photography:

  1. Hire a professional photographer: Although it may be tempting to hire amateur photographer to save money or to rely on attendees to take pictures with their phones, a professional photographer will have the expertise, equipment, and experience necessary to produce high-quality pictures that faithfully represent your brand.
  2. Communicate your vision and goals. Before the event, be sure to let the photographer know exactly what you want to accomplish with the photos. This will increase the chances that they will take pictures that best meet your expectations.
  3. Think about the setting and lighting: High-quality images require good lighting. Make sure the location you chose has good lighting, or if necessary, think about adding more lighting. Consider adding decorative elements to the event venue or choose a place that is visually appealing if the environment and background of the photos are important to you.
  4. Taking candid shots: In addition to posed photos of the speakers and VIPs, don't forget to take candid pictures of the attendees and the general energy of the event. These images can be very effective for marketing and promotional purposes.
  5. Focus on details: In addition to capturing overall shots of the event, be sure to have the photographer focus on specific details, such as products, setups, and decorations. These details can help tell the story of the event and showcase your business.
  6. Consider a photo booth: A photo booth can be a fun addition to a corporate event and provide an opportunity for attendees to take their own pictures. Consider hiring a photographer to manage the booth and provide props and backdrops.It's important to explain to attendees the purpose of the headshot photo booth and how they can take part. This can be done by appointing a specific event staff person who can help guests with the photo booth process, through event signage, emails or announcements, or through event staff members.The headshot photo booth may be a valuable addition for your business in addition to offering attendees a fun and professional experience. The images can be used in employee or team profiles, social media posts, or advertising collateral.
  7. Get group shots: Group shots are an important aspect of corporate event photography. Be sure to have the photographer capture images of attendees interacting with each other, as well as posed shots of speakers and other VIPs.
  8. Before to taking a photo of an attendee, be sure to ask for permission, especially if you want to use the image for promotional purposes. To get this consent, use sign-in forms or event waivers.
  9. Have the photographer stay for the duration of the event: It's a good idea to have the photographer stay for the entire event so that they can capture as many key moments as possible.
  10. Follow up with the photographer: After the event, follow up with the photographer to receive the images and discuss any additional needs or edits. This will help ensure that you have all the images you need and that they meet your expectations.

    Working with a professional photographer, you can ensure that your corporate event is well-documented with high-quality photographs that capture the highlights and atmosphere of the event.

TerrificShot Studio Photography™ specializes in convention, conference, press, and social event photography. We can capture and tell the story of an event through World Class photojournalism images, allowing you to maintain your presence with customers through great moments around your brand.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How many hours of coverage do you offer?  We provide as many hours as you need (2 hours minimum). 

2) How many photographers will be at the event? Everything is based on the event. You could require more than one photographer if the event includes concurrent sessions or panels.

3) Do you offer a photo booth as well?  yes, we can provide a Photo Booth .

3) How do you handle group shots and candid photos?  Definitely, we cover posed, candid and group shots. 

4) How do we receive our photos after the event?  You will be able to download all photos in high resolution from our website. 

5) How long will it take to receive our photos?  Within 1-2 days.

6) Do you offer any touch-up or editing services for the photos? All our photos have global editing (color adjustment, cropping, brightness...). We can offer extra touch-up.

7) Can we request specific shots or poses? Yes, any requests you might have. 

8) Do you have insurance for your photography services? yes, depending how big is the event, we can provide liliability insurance. 

Call or text us at +1 (408) 475-1940 or email us if you have any questions.


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