Here Are 7 Tips For A ERAS Medical Residency Photo

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Taking an excellent ERAS photo can make a world of difference in terms of making your residence application more competitive. However, in the age of social media and the ill-timed selfie, it is all too simple to get your ERAS photo incorrect. Therefore...

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Here Are The Best Tips For A Residency ERAS Photo in 2023-2024:


What Are The Requirements for Your Medical ERAS Application Photo? 

There's nothing too complicated here, just make sure you to follow the below prerequisites:

  • Dimensions: 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

  • File size: 100 KB.

  • Resolution: 150 dpi.

  • Photo must be in color.  A light or white background (recommended).

  • Frame: frontal view head & shoulders. Face centered.

Failure to do so could cost you time and money (depending on whether you hire a professional photographer).

Here is the official page for ERAS requirements.


1) Why Is It Critical To Get Your ERAS Photo Correct?

Because faculty members make rapid judgments about how serious you are based on the way your ERAS photo appears, your residency headshot is crucial.

If your photo fails to meet specific standards, they may not even evaluate your submission. They need a faster way to narrow down thousands of applications because they don't have time to read them all.


rebecca-Erasrebecca-Eras sample_headshot_2-Erassample_headshot_2-Eras sample_headshot_3-Erassample_headshot_3-Eras

2) When Is the Best Time to Take a Residency Portrait?

Since residency programs will begin reviewing applications in Mid - October, it is recommended that you take your ERAS picture far sooner.  Here is the ERAS 2023-2024 Residency Timeline  and ERAS FAQ.

3) Does the ERAS photo background always have to be white or light gray ?

A white or light gray background stands out as a thumbnail on ERAS and is statistically more likely to be clicked on, resulting in more eyes on your application.

Having said that, Certain applicants choose a darker background (blue or gray) to make their faces stand out more.
That being stated, DO NOT shoot with anything other than a plain studio backdrop behind you; otherwise, faculty members will not take your shot seriously.


david-ERASdavid-ERAS sample_headshot_5-Erassample_headshot_5-Eras sample_headshot_6--Erassample_headshot_6--Eras


4) Which Clothing Should I Wear for My ERAS Headshot?

Following are some general suggestions for dressing appropriately for your residency application photo:

A professional appearance is essential. Both men and women are strongly recommended to wear a navy or charcoal suit jacket, and males must wear a tie. Dark, rich, solid colors work best (avoid pattern on your tie).

For your primary application photo, AVOID WEARING A WHITE COAT!!. You may shoot an additional photo with a white coat for Linkedin profile, but this is normally not encouraged for ERAS photo submissions.

Although studies indicate that applicants who wear glasses are statistically more likely to receive interview requests, we advocate wearing glasses only if you actually wear them all the time!.

Wear little jewelry and avoid low-cut clothing. Your attire should generally be conservative, as faculty members will evaluate you on the basis of your application, not your photo.  Here is more details about what women should wear for professional headshots


5) Should I have my ERAS photo retouched?


Retouching can undoubtedly help. Smoothing out tired eyes, lightening up a background, and overall touch-ups:  teeth whitening, reducing/minimizing shadows, wrinkles, lines, blemishes, hair flyaways, color correction) are all reasonable suggestions.

Avoid using any Instagram-style filters and, if possible, ask advise from expert.

Here are our Makeup and Hair Tips for Professional Headshots for Men and Women , it will help you look your best in your headshot. It’s important to remember that your headshot will be used for years, so you want to make sure it represents you accurately.




6) Should I smile for an ERAS photo?

Yes absolutely! Consider your smile to be a signal to faculty members that you are nice and easy to work with, and consider your clothes and backdrop to be signals to faculty members that you are highly professional, trustworthy, and take your career seriously.

Most people can tell whether or not they are smiling with their teeth.

Even for ERAS headshots, smiling with and without your teeth works, so smile in whichever way seems most natural to you. A forced smile is unappealing and may make you appear dishonest.


7) Do I need a professional photographer to take my ERAS photograph?

Yes. Hiring a professional is undoubtedly worthwhile when considering the importance of your application. 


We are familiar with the ERAS specifications; Google has ranked us as one of the best Bay Area's studio for ERAS® application images.


Our ERAS package includes:

  1. Direction and coaching to make you appear your best — we'll work with you to capture a personable, confident, and intelligent expression.

  2. A professional photo that stands out - based on your skin tone, hair color, and clothes, we can select a backdrop that will work best.

  3. Fast turnaround – you'll receive your online proofing gallery the same day of your session.

  4. Professional retouching — we will apply extra touch-ups to your favorite image(s).

  5. Advice on what to wear – we can assist you in selecting colors and clothes.

  6. Proper formatting and specifications – we'll deliver your final selected photograph(s) into 3 versions :

  • A high digital resolution photo

  • ERAS Photo as per requirements

  • An extra free 1000x1000 LinkedIn profile photo


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Generally speaking, you should dress in formal business attire for your medical residency headshot. The ERAS photo should be well-lit, with no shadows or dark areas visible on the face.
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