TerrificShot Studio Photography™ provides high quality Aerial Drone and ground photography services for Commercial and Residential real estate professionals throughout in the Bay Area & Northern California.

  • Licensed FAA Part 107 (Remote Pilot)

  • Liability insurance to cover our aerial and on location work

  • Real Estate Industry

  • Construction Project Tracking

  • Inspection Services

  • Business Promotion

  • Corporate events

We work by examining your visual media needs from a marketing perspective and providing you with photographs that are designed to bring customers and clients from the internet to your door. Utilizing drone photography we are also able to provide you with the unique perspective offered by low level aerial imaging.

Call or text us at +1 (408) 475-1940 or email us to discuss your next project and we will provide you a detailed quote to fit exactly your needs. We look forward to working with you!

But below is our basic pricing:


Aerial Photography


(per session)

Aerial Video


(per session)

Aerial Photo/Video


(per session)


  • At least 5 Different Aerial Angles
  • Additional photo $50 extra
  • 4 day turn around


  • 1-3mn of Aerial Video
  • Fully Edited Video w/ music
  • 5-6 day turn around


  • 1 Aerial Photo Session
  • 1 Aerial Video Session
  • 6-8 day turn around