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A headshot is more than just a picture of your face.

Branding isn't only about eye-catching logos and memorable slogans, and it shouldn't be.

Your audience should be able to provoke an emotional response from you.

Customers will be more likely to identify with a brand if it has a face, and they will be able to tell it apart from other similar brands if it has a face.

Professional headshots are powerful branding tools for your firm.

They show potential clients that you believe in your business and that it is well-qualified and capable of offering the services it offers.

Your personal brand is reflected in your headshot, as well as the quality of the photograph.

It's a lot more than just a logo.

It develops trustworthiness and has an impact.



TerrificShot Studio Headshots PhotographyTM  can assist you in creating the perfect image for yourself and your business. Let us help you communicate the core of your brand to your customers while you focus on running your business. Call or text us at +1 (408) 475-1940 



black_white_man_portrait_studio_photographyblack_white_man_portrait_studio_photography portrait_studio_woman_with_blue_jacketportrait_studio_woman_with_blue_jacket smiling_executive_portrait_textured_background_studiosmiling_executive_portrait_textured_background_studio

Your face is your most valuable asset.

Individuals do business with people they can connect with and trust, according to study. Professional headshots, blog photos, and website images make up your personal brand.

Your face, on the other hand, is your most valuable asset. A professional branding session is a straightforward way to build a powerful personal brand.

With more and more businesses coming online, it's more important than ever to stand out from the crowd.

Business headshots reveal your company's human side and might provoke emotions in current and potential consumers.

Quality business headshots assist you get the respect of potential clients, who are more likely to choose your company over your competition.


corporate business Headshot Photographer Bay Area Sunnyvalecorporate business Headshot Photographer Bay Area Sunnyvale

Networking is important no matter where you are in your career.

Your network can assist you in finding new opportunities, assisting other professionals, and possibly landing a new consulting position.

A professional headshot should be considered a networking must-have because it is notable.

Remember that headshots aren't just for social media; add one on your business card so that every time you hand one out, your professional picture comes to mind.

When looking for the top portrait photographers, you'll want to discover someone who knows how to capture your unique personality. Headshots that can swiftly portray who you are to others are the greatest.



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woman_headshot_studio_gray_bright_backgroundwoman_headshot_studio_gray_bright_background woman_against_textured_backdropwoman_against_textured_backdrop woman_outdoor_headshot_natural_lightwoman_outdoor_headshot_natural_light

Professional headshots provide your company a professional branding.

Professional headshots for your website, social media pages, and emails will surely increase your customers' interest in your business.

Visitors to your social media pages and websites, as well as those who get your emails, will get the sense that the professionalism demonstrated by your marketing efforts is the same as that displayed by your services.

As a consequence, your prospects will be persuaded to become clients with minimum effort.

It's vital that your headshots be consistent and professional-looking.

All photography job should be entrusted to a professional for the best outcomes.

Poorly taken photographs may end up causing more harm than good



Your Headshot symbolizes your brand

One of the first pictures that comes to mind when you think of companies like Facebook, Microsoft, or Apple is the CEO's face.

A good headshot makes you more recognizable and distinguishes you from your competitors.

A selfie or an out-of-date photo can give the impression that you don't take your job seriously or aren't worried about conveying your professionalism.

A great headshot, on the other hand, gives you a professional look, represents your personality, and makes a good first impression.



It can make you look resolute and confident, as well as making your organization look dependable and competitive.

Your profile image is the first thing that people notice on any social media platform, such as LinkedIn. According to one study, just having a photo on your profile increases the likelihood of other people checking your profile 14 times! It's a chance for candidates to make a good first impression on recruiters.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile photo is up to date and accurately represents your current appearance.



One of the most effective ways to communicate your image to the public is through portraits.

Your headshot is your first impression and introduction to the world.

Recruiters are looking for new talent and ambitions on social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Recruiters will frequently scout their potential candidates ahead of time to get a sense of what  you're all about.

Business headshots are a great way to network and establish relationships with colleagues and clients.

Customers and business partners alike are always interested in learning more about a company's owner and/or team before doing business with them.

They want to see how you look in addition to reading a brief history.



A current and up-to-date photo is really beneficial to your case.

People may be interested in your organization simply because they want to learn more about you and your personnel. It reminds them that the company is controlled and run by individuals just like them, and that you are a person they can relate to.
Do you need a new business headshot to look more professional if you're moving careers?

TerrificShot Headshots PhotographyTM will help you update your LinkedIn photo or any other social media photographs to make you appear more knowledgeable in your field.




Boost your credibility, confidence, and trustworthiness.

"You never have a second chance to create a first impression," as the saying goes. In today's world, this is more important than ever.

Your headshot and website are frequently used to form a prospective client's first impression of you.

In a couple of seconds, people will determine whether or not to connect with you (and whether or not they pick up the hone to inquire about your service).

A person who is dependable, professional, and personable.

Your branding image assures clients that you are a leader in your field and can be trusted.

Someone can determine whether or not to do business with you in less than two seconds.

Consider your headshots to be your first handshake with a potential client.

When you deal with a photographer that understands the ins and outs of brand photography, you'll get more than simply great photographs of yourself.

It is critical that your brand be consistent across all channels and materials used to present it to the public.

The appearance and feel of your website, social media profiles, adverts, business cards, and other marketing materials should all be uniform.
Whether you're a real estate agent, a CEO in need of a fresh photo for an annual report, or a lawyer searching for more clients, our headshots will offer you the credibility you need.

TerrificShot Headshots PhotographyTM will assist you in obtaining a contemporary headshot that reflects your personality.

LIKABILITY, VISIBILITY, and CREDIBILITY are all important factors to consider.



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outdoor_natural_look_woman_portrait_headshot_mountain_view_photographeroutdoor_natural_look_woman_portrait_headshot_mountain_view_photographer blond_woman_portrait_corporate_headshot_studioblond_woman_portrait_corporate_headshot_studio men_portrait_casual_candid_outdoor_photography_1men_portrait_casual_candid_outdoor_photography_1


On location corporate business headshot with three people. Building in background





Why select TerrificShot Studio Photography™over other photographers? 

QUALITY: Professionally retouched headshots for publishing on social media & websites. 

CONVENIENCE: Our studio is right in the middle of Bay area, we can also travel to your office.

SPEED: 24 hour or less turnaround on all headshots and retouching.

SATISFACTION: We ensure you get satisfied with our headshots before leaving the session. 



Best rated studio photography with numerous 5-star reviews

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Noor Noor_headshotNoor_headshot I decided last minute on taking business photo headshots. The photographer offered me an availability within two hours. When I arrived, he was quick at adding suggestions on straightening my suit to avoid wrinkles in the image and recommended background colors I highly recommend if you're looking for a great business headshot!

alexandrea_headshotalexandrea_headshot He provided me with a fresh professional LinkedIn profile photo, which I needed. I was in and out in under 30 minutes, and my final edited photos arrived shortly after that. He's absolutely exceptional at what he does, and I want to use his services again in the future.
woman_headshot_terrificshot_studio_996_el_monte_avenue_mountain_viewwoman_headshot_terrificshot_studio_996_el_monte_avenue_mountain_view I had a great experience getting my picture taken here in Saratoga. The photographer is professional, prompt and makes the entire process easy. All the information TerrifcShot provides once you make an appointment is very handy. Even the actual photoshoot was very stress-free and quick. I highly recommend TerrificShot photography.


Georges_headshotGeorges_headshot I had my acting headshots done here In Saratoga. It was a breeze booking a session and the location was easy to fine. The 30 minutes went by fast because the photographer is very efficient. After the session, I got the edited photos on the same day and they turned out great!All in all, great place for professional or casual headshots!

Jay Studio_headshot_Portrait_terrificshot-9Studio_headshot_Portrait_terrificshot-9 I got my first headshots taken with TerrificShot. The photographer gave me easy to follow instructions to hold my shape and the photos turned out great! Would totally recommend! Mina mina_headshotmina_headshot So far, the photographer has been the most responsible and competent I've encountered. TerrificShot Studio assisted me with my headshot session, where we meticulously thought out the finest angle and posture to shoot, ensuring that the results were flawless. The photographeris also super efficient and completed the polishing and sent the photos to me only 3 hours after the shoot. If you need a quick and high-quality headshot, I definitely recommend TerrificShot.

Shilpa Studio_headshot_Portrait_terrificshot-10Studio_headshot_Portrait_terrificshot-10 For web use, I had professional photographs shot. I was able to schedule an appointment without having to wait too long. The photographer's knowledge and expertise were outstanding. His warm and laid-back demeanor immediately put me at ease. He took dozens of photos from various perspectives and with various backgrounds. I was quite pleased with the results and would strongly suggest Terrific Shot photography.


Philip_headshotPhilip_headshot For someone who is awkward with taking photos, The photographer was exactly who I needed to make this process painless and in fact enjoyable! He was great with guiding you with the posing, attentive to listen to your preference, and provided feedbacks on photo selection. Not to mention how fast he is with the turnaround time for edited photo. I paid for a corporate professional headshot for 30 mins and it was worth every penny. Thank you TerrificShot!


key point Corporate headshot Womankey point Corporate headshot Woman Both at the studio and at our Saratoga office, everything is well-organized and simple to schedule. The photographer arrived on time, was professional, and was a pleasure to work with. The photographer sent us a link to a photo gallery later that day, and the edited photos were ready two days later. Actually, we were so taken with the majority of the photographs that we decided to purchase the entire collection.







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How much does it cost to get a professional headshot ? 

The cost of our headshot photography varies substantially depending on how you intend to use it (personal versus corporate). We provide a LinkedIn package at a reasonable price.

What should you wear for a professional headshot?

For men, we recommend a medium to dark suit jacket, or if you are not wearing a jacket, you should wear a shirt color other than white, if you need a headshot against a white background.

For women, long story short, we recommend a top with a simple neckline (scoop neck works well) with minimal jewelry.


What if I'm not a naturally photogenic person?

This was a frequent remark. During the session, we will assist you in being YOURSELF! When you stop worrying about how you look, you are at your most attractive.


What factors should I consider when hiring a portrait photographer?

Like and TRUSTING the photographer is more important than liking and trusting the photographer's work. You're probably not a professional model and have no idea what to do in front of a camera. The photographer is responsible for directing you to the shots you require. Please contact us and take the time to speak with us over the phone. TerrificShot Studio Headshot Photography specializes in portrait photography. We serve Saratoga areas.

I know absolutely nothing about posing. Will you guide me?

That is precisely what distinguishes us from the other Saratoga headshot photographers. We estimate that technical camera/lightning accounts for 10% of the work. The photographer's job is to provide guidance on what to do in front of the camera and to create an environment in which you feel safe. It is NOT a natural experience to have your picture taken. We will do our best to relax you during the session. We capture your best personality when we reach these moments.

Do you offer retouching?

The most important thing is to use your best face expression during the session to emphasize your credibility. Following that, all minor imperfections such as blemishes, wrinkles, and so on... can be removed with a few mouse clicks in Photoshop! Remember that the best retouching is when you appear natural in the photo. During the session, we will discuss specific editing requests and concerns with you.


How long will it take to get my final images?  

The same day as the session, you will receive your photo proofing gallery via email and text in order to select your images. It only takes ONE DAY after we receive your selection. You can even get your final images the SAME DAY. Of course, you are welcome to provide feedback on the edited photos, and we would be happy to edit more if necessary. The final images will be sent to you via email or as a download link.


Call or text us at +1 (408) 475-1940 




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