Maternity Portrait Session

Let me guess, the first question you have in mind right now is... When is the best time to schedule it?


Yes, Maternity photography captures the period of time while a woman is pregnant. Some women will get their photos taken during the 3rd trimester to showcase their larger stomachs.

Others may take it during the 2nd trimester to use for gender reveals.

maternity session couple in the middle of big field holding their handsmaternity session couple in the middle of big field holding their hands

WE recommend scheduling your shoot between weeks 31 and 36 of your pregnancy because your belly will have a lovely full shape, but you won’t be too bloated and uncomfortable, as is often the case in the last few weeks.

Therefore, If you plan on using the 3rd trimester, it is recommended not to schedule your session beyond week 36.

A baby's due date is rarely exact, and you don't want to plan your session too late and then have the baby early.


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There is no right or wrong amount of skin to bear when taking maternity photos.

Do you want to only bare your pregnancy belly and use a wrap; or do you prefer not to reveal anything, and just showcase your stomach by the outfit you're wearing, props, or other methods?

It doesn't matter which your preference is, it's all about your comfort level. You only have to do photos you are comfortable with





It's all up to you if you want to be remain alone in your shots, or if you want to have other people in the images as well.

Bringing your husband or partner with you is what most couples do.

Posing with and embracing your loving husband or partner helps to communicate your emotions for each other and usually makes a very meaningful portrait.

It’s best if your partner brings a dark solid colored top and a white or light colored top.

If you plan to bring one or more of your children, having them touching your belly, makes a good interactive portrait as well.

Your children could wear simple solid color clothing free of any patterns or logos. We also recommend to consider being bare feet for a more relaxed and natural feel and look.

maternity belly pregnant woman studio outdoor


Maternity photography is generally a relaxed atmosphere. It is a time you can showcase the love, intimacy, and joy associated with pregnancy and adding a new member to your family.

Know That You’re Beautiful

maternity belly pregnant woman studio outdoor


Okay, this bit of wisdom is a little cheesy, but it must be said. Pregnant women often find themselves uncomfortable in their changing bodies.

You may attribute your maternal glow to sweat, but your radiance cannot be denied. That glow — and the feeling of having your best friend developing inside you — shows up on the camera. In years to come, you will be so glad you had those photos done. And so will your baby.

The best part is there is no right or wrong pictures. You can be as versatile as you want or stick with traditional poses. All you have to do is be yourself.

maternity session couple outdoor in a parkmaternity session couple outdoor in a park

Do you have any useful tips to prepare for the session?

  • Pick the right time. Schedule your session when you are in your seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. Your belly will have a lovely, full shape.

  • Remember, when you schedule between weeks 31 and 36 also gives you plenty of time to order additional maternity photos.

  • Bring your ultrasound with you. We can take a very special photo of mama and baby.

  • Your maternity session could include the father and older children to reflect your beautiful growing family.

  • Showing a bare tummy can be tricky. If you wish to show your bare tummy, wear loose-fitting clothing to avoid elastic/clothing marks.

  • Avoid any glare. Apply lotion at least an hour before your session to avoid the shiny belly-look and staining your clothes.

  • If you are showing bare skin, try to moisturize your knees and elbows.

  • Hands are in important, too! Get a manicure or a light polish for a more finished look in a close up of your hands around your belly.

  • Remove tight-fitting clothing and accessories, like watches and bracelets, at least two hours before your session.

  • You may want to include a few baby things like a cute pair of shoes or a cherished family heirloom in your photo.

5Q4A68555Q4A6855 pregnant_woman_wrapped_with_gray_fabric_maternity_studio_photopregnant_woman_wrapped_with_gray_fabric_maternity_studio_photo

Where will my session take place? 

The maternity portrait sessions usually take place in our studio or outdoors. The location depends on the weather conditions and how comfortable you are with your body and being in public.

For more intimate session, we recommend our indoor studio as this gives you privacy, acclimated environments and controlled lighting conditions. 

maternity belly pregnant woman studio outdoor maternity-silhouette_studiomaternity-silhouette_studio

Maternity Session Photography at customer homeMaternity Session Photography at customer home

For more lifestyle and natural looking images, outdoor locations as parks, open space reserves and urban locations are good choice.

You will be seen in public while we photographed although some location offer more privacy than others, but you will have to feel comfortable with the idea.

maternity belly pregnant woman studio outdoor 5Q4A6899_bw5Q4A6899_bw
maternity_session_outdoor_photographymaternity_session_outdoor_photography maternity_session_outdoormaternity_session_outdoor

Lastly, we have photographed many maternity portrait session at client’s private residences in the convenience and privacy of their homes.


What is the cost of the maternity portrait session? 

Our basic package starts at $250 for one hour session Studio or Outdoor. Please, refer to our pricing and booking for information about your package.

Call or text us at +1 (408) 475-1940 or email us if you have any questions.

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