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Great Careers Deserve Great HEADSHOTS. 

A professional QUALITY headshot will boost your brand's image both online and in print.

High-quality images can make your company appear professional and will set you apart from others in your industry.

Photos of your genuine staff (rather than stock photos) build a human connection between you and the customer, which increases confidence from prospective clients

TerrificShot Headshots Photography™ is a digitally focused studio photography serving Los Altos areas, will assist you in obtaining a great corporate headshot, whether you require a professional headshot for yourself or for your business or company.




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What exactly is a business headshot?

Business headshots are professional portrait photographs that are commonly used for your LinkedIn profile, corporate websites, business cards, annual reports, and press releases.

A experienced photographer will be able to relax you, locate your best side, and capture those gorgeous relaxed images that will show you at your finest.

Professional photographs are the finest method to represent your firm and its workers. If you don't have any photographs on your website, it will look bland and lack identity.

What is potentially worse is a site featuring negative images of your personnel;

We will also advise on what to wear, what not to wear, and all those tiny details (is your necklace twisted, is that tie straight, does that bit of hair normally go there?).

This level of attention takes years to tune in, and those details do matter to the final photo.

A great business headshot will allow you to make a good first impression online. A great professional headshot should demonstrate your confidence, competence, professionalism, friendliness, and competence. 

Before taking any photos, we will discuss your vision. 

Recruiters spend an average of 5 seconds by looking at your headshot in less than 2 seconds your photo has to show you are a qualified professional.



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If you need a personal portrait for your LinkedIn profile, website, or business, your headshot will instill confidence in your employers and clients. It will assist you in putting your best foot forward and making the best first impression.

Your professional headshot should portray you as approachable, talented, and influential. We have many clients who are looking for new jobs, and we also took headshots for them.

People look at your photos to figure out what kind of person you are.

Unfortunately, certain facial Micro-expressions can be extremely deceptive. It's difficult to regulate them on your own, and as a result, many people don't look the way they want to in photographs.

It is critical to offer folks the proper cues by controlling the microexpressions on your face in portrait shots – an example is shown below.

woman_headshot_wearing_jean_jacket_outdoor_photowoman_headshot_wearing_jean_jacket_outdoor_photo outdoor_green_background_woman_headshot_natural_lightoutdoor_green_background_woman_headshot_natural_light man_portrait_black_and-white_studioman_portrait_black_and-white_studio


By already having a collection of professional and high-quality photographs to pick from, you can always be a few steps ahead and fully prepared to present yourself whenever you need to.

Your corporate headshots and business photographs on your website and social media platforms aim to present you in the best light possible.

Having a powerful professional photo is like the icing on top of your cake; it offers you extra points and really makes you stand out.

Businesses/Companies: For over ten years, we have been taking professional headshots for individuals and businesses.

If you are a corporate looking for professional headshots for your employees and executives, TerrificShot Headshots Photography™ can assist you in creating the best headshots for your website or any promotional materials.

Professional headshots aid in the development of relationships with clients and partners.

It will make your company stand out among the competition. Nowadays clients and partners can judge you just looking at your company headshots page and your brand based on the photos.

Lack of consistency in your headshots such as different look and feel will impact your credibility and brand identity. 

At TerrificShot Studio Headshots Photography™ , we will coach you how to pose in front of the camera and you look comfortable, relaxed and professional. We will find your best angle and your best smile. 




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Portraits are one of the most effective ways to present your image to the public.

Choose the photo session that works best for you and get your honest emotional headshots and powerful business portraits done if you want to look approachable, professional, and trustworthy while telling your unique narrative through images!

Individually, a headshot offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for a person to tell a little bit about themselves to a potential customer, colleague, or hiring manager before they meet you.

According to studies, your photo will be judged within a tenth of a second, and the possibilities of changing that judgment the longer someone looks are rare. In other words, a photo's first impression of someone is immediate and usually lasts a long time.

Are you changing careers and need a new corporate headshot to look more professional? TerrificShot Studio Photography can assist you in updating your LinkedIn photo or any other social media images so that you appear to be an industry expert.



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Others' trust in your professional competence corresponds to their perception of you as a professional.

With a professional headshot that you are proud of, you will take yourself seriously, and others will as well.

A quality head shot guarantees that you make the best possible impression, which generates confidence and trust when others see your image, whether it's online or on a business card.

Our headshots will give you the credibility you are looking for, whether you are a real estate agent, a CEO in need for a new photo for an annual report, or a lawyer that wants to get more clients.

TerrificShot Studio Headshots Photography™ will help you get a modern headshot that gives you





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woman_wearing_white_lab_smock_corporate_medical_headshot_businesswoman_wearing_white_lab_smock_corporate_medical_headshot_business blond_woman_portrait_corporate_headshot_studioblond_woman_portrait_corporate_headshot_studio man_headshot_wearing_glasses_darker_backgroundman_headshot_wearing_glasses_darker_background


On location corporate business headshot with three people. Building in background





Why select TerrificShot Headshots Photography™ over other photographers? 

QUALITY: Professionally retouched headshots for publishing on social media & websites. 

CONVENIENCE: Our studio is right in the middle of Bay area, we can also travel to your office.

SPEED: 24 hour or less turnaround on all headshots and retouching.

SATISFACTION: We ensure you get satisfied with our headshots before leaving the session. 



Best rated studio photography with numerous 5-star reviews

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Noor  Noor_headshotNoor_headshot I decided last minute on taking business photo headshots. The photographer offered me an availability within two hours. When I arrived, he was quick at adding suggestions on straightening my suit to avoid wrinkles in the image and recommended background colors I highly recommend if you're looking for a great business headshot!

alexandrea_headshotalexandrea_headshot I needed a new professional LinkedIn profile picture and he delivered. I was in and out in under 30 mins and even received my final edited photos shortly after. He's truly great at what he does and I look forward to using his services again in the future.
woman_headshot_terrificshot_studio_996_el_monte_avenue_mountain_viewwoman_headshot_terrificshot_studio_996_el_monte_avenue_mountain_view I had a great experience getting my picture taken here in Los Altos. The photographer is professional, prompt and makes the entire process easy. All the information TerrifcShot provides once you make an appointment is very handy. Even the actual photoshoot was very stress-free and quick. I highly recommend TerrificShot photography.


Georges_headshotGeorges_headshot I had my acting headshots done here. It was a breeze booking a session and the location was easy to fine. The 30 minutes went by fast because the photographer is very efficient. After the session, I got the edited photos on the same day and they turned out great! All in all, great place for professional or casual headshots!

Jay  Studio_headshot_Portrait_terrificshot-9Studio_headshot_Portrait_terrificshot-9 I got my first headshots taken with TerrificShot. The photographer gave me easy to follow instructions to hold my shape and the photos turned out great! Would totally recommend! Mina  mina_headshotmina_headshot The photographer is the most responsible and professional photographer I've met so far. TerrificShot Studio helped me with my headshot session, during which we patiently figured out the best angle and position to shoot making sure the results look perfect. The photographeris also super efficient and completed the polishing and sent the photos to me only 3 hours after the shoot. I highly recommend TerrificShot if you want the quick and high-quality headshot.

Shilpa  Studio_headshot_Portrait_terrificshot-10Studio_headshot_Portrait_terrificshot-10 I had professional photos taken for online use. I got an appointment date without having to wait for too long. The photographer’s experience and professionalism was exceptional. His friendly and relaxed manner put me at ease. He took dozens of photographs with different backgrounds and from different angles. I am very happy with the experience and highly recommended Terrific Shot Los Altos Studio photography.


Philip_headshotPhilip_headshot For someone who is awkward with taking photos, The photographer was exactly who I needed to make this process painless and in fact enjoyable! He was great with guiding you with the posing, attentive to listen to your preference, and provided feedbacks on photo selection. Not to mention how fast he is with the turnaround time for edited photo. I paid for a corporate professional headshot for 30 mins and it was worth every penny. Thank you TerrificShot!


key point Corporate headshot Womankey point Corporate headshot Woman Well organized and easy to book, both in studio and at our Los Altos  office location. The photographer
was on time, professional, and really easy and fun to work with. The photographer had photo gallery link for us later on the same day, and edited pictures were ready just two days later. Actually, we loved most of the pictures, so ended up buying the whole gallery anyways. Already bragged about the photo session and had a slide show with our friends.







Don’t see your question here? Give us a Call at +1 (408) 475-1940 


What if I'm NOT a photogenic person ? We heard this comment very often.  We will help you during the session just to be YOURSELF! When you stop thinking about how you look is when you look the most attractive. 


How do I choose a Portrait photographer ? Liking the photographer's work is only 50% as important as liking and TRUSTING the photographer.  There are big chances you are not a professional model and have no clue what to do in front of a lens. It’s the photographers responsibility to guide you towards the shots you need.
Please give us a call and just take the time to have a conversation on the phone. At TerrificShot Studio Photography, we offer FREE consultation. Ask any questions. Get a feel for who we are, and how we work. 


I don't know nothing about posing. Will you direct me?  That is exactly what separates us from the rest of the headshot photographers around us in Los Altos. We believe that technical camera/lightning represents 10% of the work.  The other 90% is the photographer’s job to create an atmosphere that you feel safe and to provide guidance on what to do in front of the camera. Having your picture taken is NOT a natural experience. During the session, we will do our best to make you feel relax. When we reach these moments is when we capture your best personality. 

Do you provide retouching? 
The most important is to get your best face expression that emphasizes your credibility during the session. Next, all minor imperfections such as blemish, wrinkles and so on... can be taken care with a few clicks of mouse under photoshop! Keep in mind, the best retouching is when you look natural in the picture. We will discuss specific editing requests concerns with you during the session.


How long will it take to get my final images?  The same day as the session, you will receive your photo proofing gallery via email and text in order to select your images. It only takes ONE DAY after we receive your selection. You can even get your final images the SAME DAY. Of course, you are welcome to provide feedback on the edited photos, and we would be happy to edit more if necessary. The final images will be sent to you via email or download.




Call or text us at +1 (408) 475-1940


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