Bay Area Corporate Companies We Have Recently Photographed

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This month, we would like to thank and share some following Bay area Corporate companies that trusted us.

We were honored to photograph either their corporate event, executive headshots, commercial product  or/and stylized office shots.

BayAlarm, Sunnyvale CA (Group Team Photo)

For over 70 years, BayAlarm have been more than a typical burglar alarm company.  They have offices all around Bay Area and BayAlarm is now the best home security company in Sunnyvale and the surrounding communities.

We were honored to photograph the Santa Clara branch team.  

bayalarm_group_team_photography-2bayalarm_group_team_photography-2 bayalarm_group_team_photographybayalarm_group_team_photography


Achronix, Santa Clara, CA (Commercial Product Photography)

Achronix is a Semiconductor Corporation, a leader in FPGA-based hardware accelerator devices and eFPGA IP.  Recently UBM Americas 2017 ACE Awards  selected Achronix as Company of the Year. This prestigious award is granted to the company that exhibits the highest degree of professionalism, staff development and retention, customer focus, technical excellence, and profitable growth, making it a true leader in the electronics sector.

We were happy to visit Achronix location in Santa Clara and do a product commercial photography and also to photograph their 2017 award.

achronix_product_commercial_photographyachronix_product_commercial_photography achronix_commercial_product_photography-5achronix_commercial_product_photography-5  
achronix_commercial_product_photography-4achronix_commercial_product_photography-4 achronix_commercial_product_photography-3achronix_commercial_product_photography-3
achronix_commercial_product_photography-2achronix_commercial_product_photography-2   achronix_commercial_product_photographyachronix_commercial_product_photography


GuideWire, Foster City CA (Corporate Professional Video)

GuideWire US Benefits team hired us to elevate their open enrollment process to the next level of automation and professionalism. We designed and created several videos used inside the company including: 1) Quick123 Open Enrollment 2) Long detailed Open Enrollment video to describe each and every one of our benefits 3) Mini clip videos for each benefit for more direct viewing throughout the year as employees have questions or need a refresher on any topic 4) New hire video to review all benefits online at time of hire or before the candidate make a decision to join

Here the video and behind scene photos:

guidewire_video_shoot-4guidewire_video_shoot-4 guidewire_video_shootguidewire_video_shoot
guidewire_video_shoot-2guidewire_video_shoot-2 guidewire_video_shoot-3guidewire_video_shoot-3


Rtec-Instruments, San Jose CA (Commercial Product Photography)

Rtec-Instruments is the leading provider of test instrumentation such as tribometer, optical profilometer, scratch tester, micro hardness tester etc.  The company develops and manufactures advanced imaging and surface mechanical property measurement solutions for research and industrial applications.

Rtec-Instruments contacted us to photograph their latest tester.  Because of the size of the product, we shot using green screen.  It eases post-processing to isolate the product from the background. All photos were delivered in high resolution, Png format with transparent background.  

rtek_commercial_product_photography-2rtek_commercial_product_photography-2 rtek_commercial_product_photography-3rtek_commercial_product_photography-3 rtek_commercial_product_photographyrtek_commercial_product_photography


G-Coin, Santa Clara CA (Executive Headshots and Stylized Group Team photos)

G-Coin is redefining the future of Gold. it has created the G-Coin, a digital token backed by vaulted, conflict-free, responsibly sourced gold.The G-Coin™ provides a digital certificate of ownership to physical gold; opening access to responsible gold as an investment, wealth transfer vehicle and payment mechanism.

We visited G-coin Santa Clara office with our make-up artist and did Corporate Headshot for their executive team and also some office stylized photos.  We are happy to share some behind scenes photos. 

gcoin_corporate_group_and_headshot-11gcoin_corporate_group_and_headshot-11 gcoin_corporate_group_and_headshot-12gcoin_corporate_group_and_headshot-12 gcoin_corporate_group_and_headshot-4gcoin_corporate_group_and_headshot-4
gcoin_corporate_group_and_headshot-8gcoin_corporate_group_and_headshot-8 gcoin_corporate_group_and_headshot-9gcoin_corporate_group_and_headshot-9
gcoin_corporate_executive_headshot_photoshootgcoin_corporate_executive_headshot_photoshoot gcoin_corporate_executive_headshot_photoshoot-4gcoin_corporate_executive_headshot_photoshoot-4

UBS, Menlo Park CA (Group Team Photo and Professional Headshot)

UBS Financial Services Inc is a Bay Area company that offers both investment advisory services and brokerage services. 

The Menlo Park branch office needed some group team and corporate executive photos.  

We did the shoot on location.  Their lobby was appropriate to setup our portable studio. it has lot of space and surrounded with a very nice ambient light.

ubs_group_headshot_photography-6ubs_group_headshot_photography-6 ubs_group_headshot_photography-5ubs_group_headshot_photography-5
ubs_group_headshot_photography-2ubs_group_headshot_photography-2 ubs_group_headshot_photographyubs_group_headshot_photography ubs_group_headshot_photography-4ubs_group_headshot_photography-4

CreditSesame, San Francisco CA (Event Photography, Headshot, Stylized Team Photo)

Credit Sesame is a San Francisco based fast-growing credit and loan management platform that is changing the way consumers apply for and manage their credit.  Since launching in 2010, Credit Sesame has helped millions of consumers find better financial products and do more with their credit score.

The CEO Adrian Nazari was named #5 on Inc. list of Top Inspiring Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017.  

We were fortunate to visit their downtown San Francisco location and photograph their office, team group, headshot and company events (All Hand meetings, Happy hour/company gathering)

creditsesame_corporate_group_and_event_photographycreditsesame_corporate_group_and_event_photography creditsesame_corporate_group_and_event_photography-7creditsesame_corporate_group_and_event_photography-7


creditsesame_corporate_group_and_event_photography-13creditsesame_corporate_group_and_event_photography-13 creditsesame_headshot_photographycreditsesame_headshot_photography creditsesame_corporate_group_and_event_photography-6creditsesame_corporate_group_and_event_photography-6
creditsesame_corporate_group_and_event_photography-12creditsesame_corporate_group_and_event_photography-12 creditsesame_corporate_group_and_event_photography-14creditsesame_corporate_group_and_event_photography-14
creditsesame_corporate_group_and_event_photography-8creditsesame_corporate_group_and_event_photography-8 creditsesame_corporate_group_and_event_photography-9creditsesame_corporate_group_and_event_photography-9


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