PreTeen Girl Portrait Photography In The Park

July 12, 2020  •  1 Comment

Those years between 10 and 12 can be tough.  They aren’t cute little babies anymore, nor toddlers running around exploring everything new and they don’t have yet the privilege or excitement of our teenage years. 

Tweens are often overlooked and forgotten when it comes to portraits.  

At TerrificShot Photography, we love to capture those lost preteen years.  We want to capture the personality of these tweens and record the last stage of their childhood before they become young ladies (or men) . We want them to realize their true beauty so that they are confident in themselves before they hit middle school. Imagine the impact a single beautiful image can do for your tweens self-image.

It was Gabriella’s 12th birthday and one of her presents was to have a tween portrait photography shoot in the park with us.

She brought a couple of changes of clothes and she changed in the middle of the shoot.  It took in total around 1hour!

We had such fun!  This is a just a sneaky peak of the images from the photography shoot.


pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_1pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_1 pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_3pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_3
pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_3_1pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_3_1 pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_2pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_2
pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_5pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_5 pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_6pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_6 pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_6_1pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_6_1
pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_7pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_7 pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_8pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_8 pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_9pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_9
pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_11pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_11 pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_10pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_10 pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_12pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_12
pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_13pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_13 pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_14pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_14
pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_15pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_15 pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_16pre-teen-portrait-photography-outdoor_16

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