Bay Area Corporate Companies We Have Recently Photographed

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This month, we would like to thank and share some following Bay area Corporate companies that trusted us.

We were honored to photograph either their corporate event, executive headshots, commercial product  or/and stylized office shots.

Samsung Research America (SRA) , Mountain View CA  (Headshot, Lifestyle and drone photos)

Samsung Research America (SRA) plays a pivotal role in developing the next generation of discovery in software, user experience and services for future products that can enrich your life. 

Their mission is to research and develop new technologies by partnering with the best and brightest and creating a collaborative environment between industry and academia.  They hired us for a full day to do headshots, LifeStyle and drone photography. 


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headshot_samsung_1headshot_samsung_1 headshot_samsung_3headshot_samsung_3 headshot_samsung_2headshot_samsung_2
headshot_samsung_4headshot_samsung_4 headshot_samsung_6headshot_samsung_6 headshot_samsung_5headshot_samsung_5


UBS Financial Services Inc is a San Jose, Bay Area company that offers both investment advisory services and brokerage services. 

The San Jose branch office needed some group team and corporate executive photos.  

We did the shoot on location.  Their courtyard and lobby elevator areas were appropriate to setup our portable studio. it has lot of space and surrounded with a very nice ambient light.

ubd_headshot_1ubd_headshot_1 ubd_headshot_2ubd_headshot_2    
ubd_headshot_3ubd_headshot_3 ubd_headshot_4ubd_headshot_4

Google Cloud office , Sunnyvale CA  (Doodle 4 Google Context Event)

It was a pleasure to photograph the 2018 national winner of the Doodle 4 Google contest on June 18.  The seven-year old Sarah Gomez-Lane was the winner of this 10th annual Doodle 4 Google contest.  Our photos were published on CNBC web site

google_doodle_event_3google_doodle_event_3 google_doodle_event_2google_doodle_event_2


google_doodle_event_5google_doodle_event_5 google_doodle_event_12google_doodle_event_12
google_doodle_event_16google_doodle_event_16 google_doodle_event_15google_doodle_event_15 google_doodle_event_17google_doodle_event_17
google_doodle_event_19google_doodle_event_19 google_doodle_event_13google_doodle_event_13



Trinet, Palo Alto (Executive Headshot)

TriNet is a cloud-based professional employer organization (PEO) for small and medium-sized businesses. It had its annual event in Palo Alto and we were invited to take professional headshots.   We set up our studio in the same conference room.   

IMG_9511IMG_9511 IMG_9512IMG_9512
trinet_headshot_1trinet_headshot_1 trinet_headshot_3trinet_headshot_3 trinet_headshot_5trinet_headshot_5 trinet_headshot_2trinet_headshot_2 trinet_headshot_4trinet_headshot_4 trinet_headshot_6trinet_headshot_6  


Association of Marshall Scholars, Stanford CA (Event Photography)

It was delightful to photograph the 2018 Marshall Forum on Innovation in Stanford.  This forum explores the pipeline of scientific invention in fields such as health, and physics, that are of particular interest to the United States and the United Kingdom.  The event spotlighted  radical innovation, as well as emerging challenges and opportunities in these fields, as they intersect with rapid advances in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science. 

Prestigious guests as Reid Hoffman (co-founder Linkedin) and Andrew Whitaker (Her Majesty's consul General to San Francisco), and more were invited. 

2018 Marshall Forum On Innovation | Stanford University
corporate_event_marshall_association_1corporate_event_marshall_association_1 corporate_event_marshall_association_5corporate_event_marshall_association_5
corporate_event_marshall_association_3corporate_event_marshall_association_3 corporate_event_marshall_association_reid_hoffman_linkedin_3corporate_event_marshall_association_reid_hoffman_linkedin_3
corporate_event_marshall_association-Panocorporate_event_marshall_association-Pano corporate_event_marshall_association_4corporate_event_marshall_association_4 corporate_event_marshall_association_2corporate_event_marshall_association_2 corporate_event_marshall_association_reid_hoffman_linkedin_2corporate_event_marshall_association_reid_hoffman_linkedin_2 corporate_event_marshall_association-Pano_2corporate_event_marshall_association-Pano_2
Reid Hoffman, Co-founder Linkedin


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