A Cuesta Park Maternity photo session with Claudia!

January 29, 2020  •  1 Comment

Whether our client is having her first baby or it's just another in a long line of kids, there's nothing quite like taking her outside for a beautiful outdoor maternity photo shoot. Not only does it allow us to utilize natural light for your photos, but getting outdoors also gives you plenty of fodder for creating beautiful images.

It was a beautiful Summer day when we met Claudia at Cuesta Park in Mountain View to photograph her first maternity session!  Claudia booked a one hour session. She came with a beautiful dark red color gown, & we are so glad that she did because it provided a great contrast with the surrounding lights!

We love being able to capture of the intimacy of a maternity session. There are so many feelings that a soon to be mama experiences right before giving birth-- excitement, anxiety, happiness, nostalgia.


outdoor_maternity_photo_session_1outdoor_maternity_photo_session_1 outdoor_maternity_photo_session_black_white_1outdoor_maternity_photo_session_black_white_1
outdoor_park_maternity_photo_session_3outdoor_park_maternity_photo_session_3 woman_leaning_fence_outdoor_maternity_photo_session_1woman_leaning_fence_outdoor_maternity_photo_session_1
woman_leaning_fence_outdoor_maternity_photo_session_bw_1woman_leaning_fence_outdoor_maternity_photo_session_bw_1 woman_standing_middle_big_field_outdoor_park_maternity_photo_session_3woman_standing_middle_big_field_outdoor_park_maternity_photo_session_3
candid_woman_standing_next_tree_outdoor_park_maternity_photo_session_4candid_woman_standing_next_tree_outdoor_park_maternity_photo_session_4 woman_standing_next_tree_outdoor_park_maternity_photo_session_4woman_standing_next_tree_outdoor_park_maternity_photo_session_4



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