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February 04, 2021  •  4 Comments

Our staff is now fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

We continue to follow CDC guidelines because at this time, there is not evidence that COVID-19 vaccines prevent transmission of the virus from person-to-person. 

We have prepared our studio/outdoor sessions to follow CDC guidelines, and as it is deemed safe, here are the ways we will be able to work safely together. 

  • The photographer wears cloth MASK at all times to keep you safe. Obviously, you cannot wear a mask when the photo is taken, but for Outdoor session, you must bring one out of respect for the larger community, and have it handy for walking between locations. 



  • Payment is now done ON-LINE.  After the session, We will email/text you a secure payment online invoice link. So there’s no need to exchange money, cards or touch phones.


  • The photographer always washes hands before and after each session and hand sanitizer is kept out in the shooting area all the times.


  • After each session, we allocate 30 minutes to disinfect our studio thoroughly.


  • In a effort to keep everyone who visits the studio safe and healthy, we would like to ask that only members included in the session attend.


  • We shoot with long lens which allows us to not get any closer than 6-8’ away from each other. 


  • The session proofing photos gallery is delivered on-line.


  • We will edit your final choices from the safety of our studio and you’ll receive your finished product electronically as well.


photographer_wearing_mask_for_covid_19photographer_wearing_mask_for_covid_19 Terrificshot_photography_996_el_monte_avenue_mountain_view_entrance_doorTerrificshot_photography_996_el_monte_avenue_mountain_view_entrance_door


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Robert T. Lewis(non-registered)
in global pandemic situation we are doing our photography in our home studio. all are doing remote work
Top Drupal Site Hosts(non-registered)
I also love photography because it is my big dream I don't know when my dream will fulfill. but while I saw your blog and images. yes, you are right covid 19 time was the worst time for all peoples. I like your photo and I appreciating it.
Jacob Hagen(non-registered)
These are the days of Pandemic and everyone is worried about this. there are some instructions that are very important to follow to avoid the coronavirus. You can visit to get further information about this disease. This is a very satisfying thing to see that people are following the instructions.
Yasin Arafat(non-registered)
This is great idea I think. I think if any company follow this guideline obviously they can safe their customer or clients. Most of the guideline are great. But individually session for each client and online payment method is much better I think. Thank you very much to take this special step in this pandemic situation.
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