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January 09, 2018  •  7 Comments

Few months ago, we photographed Fred for some Corporate executive headshot. 

When we got an email from Fred a week ago inquiring about a new shoot, we were elated. Returning clients are always our favorite because they know the rope of how we do things, and in Fred’s case, he always has specific and challenging requests.

Fred needed some photos for his blog and Vlog.  He mentioned that the shoot should be done at this place using his Airstream. When we talked about the direction of the shoot, we decided that we would go for a 70’s inspired stylish portrait shoot.  Obviously, we asked Fred to choose appropriate clothing, that would accentuate the feel of the images and would add that 70s soulful vibe to it.

When shooting stylish portrait of fashion photography, lighting is a big deal.  However, lots of great fashion photography can be produced with sunlight as the main light source.  For this shoot done during midday, Fred wanted to have the photographs to look dramatic. He was interested with black & white photos. When you begin using additional lights, you can take good looking photos with nothing more than a single light source and two reflectors. We used one hard light and in some photos we moved that source close to the subject. It allows the faster falloff from highlight to shadow to make for more drama. This approach also helps to create the darkness in the background that sets the mood and isolates the highlights against a canvas of dark pixels. 

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man_stylish_portrait_session_70s_look_photography-15man_stylish_portrait_session_70s_look_photography-15 man_stylish_portrait_session_70s_look_photography-34man_stylish_portrait_session_70s_look_photography-34
man_stylish_portrait_session_70s_look_photography-19man_stylish_portrait_session_70s_look_photography-19 man_stylish_portrait_session_70s_look_photography-22man_stylish_portrait_session_70s_look_photography-22

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