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January 09, 2018  •  4 Comments

Our studio this 2017 holiday season was busy.  We are so grateful to the families who chose us for their Holiday season portrait photos. 

A portrait is more than just a pretty picture: It is a message to the world that we care and love each other. A portrait is your heart on the wall; with every gaze, your heart flutters.  

The portraits tells your loved ones that they belong to a family that loves them and that they will always be welcome.  These moments are priceless. 

Deciding what to wear in your holiday family portrait can be a daunting task because what you wear helps set the tone for your portraits. Knowing a few things ahead of time like where you will be posing or if you’re going for a casual or formal look, will make some of the decisions easier.  

When Alissa called us for a studio holiday family portraits, she mentioned her family will wear white shirt and jeans.  

We suggested to use a neutral background such as gray.  We are happy to share the photos of this fun session.

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family_holiday_portrait_studio_gray_background-5family_holiday_portrait_studio_gray_background-5 family_holiday_portrait_studio_gray_background-6family_holiday_portrait_studio_gray_background-6
family_holiday_portrait_studio_gray_background-2family_holiday_portrait_studio_gray_background-2   family_holiday_portrait_studio_gray_background-11family_holiday_portrait_studio_gray_background-11



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So original these family photos !
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