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January 09, 2018  •  1 Comment

We recently had a wonderful Yoga session portrait with yoga professional Bhuvna.  She needed Yoga photos for her new social media.

Our vision for this shoot was to create a series of images of a woman doing yoga in front of a lake and on a bridge.

We always had a curiosity and appreciation for yoga.

Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. It embodies unity of mind and body; Harmony between man/woman and nature. Not only is it beautiful, but it requires immense concentration, strength and agility in order to maneuver from one position to another. 

We loved being able to capture the flow and movement of the model and she performed moved from one position to another. 

As for the equipment we used, we photograph with Canon, a Canon 5D Mark III to be exact. Paired that with Canon 200mn 2.8 lens. We brought our favorite portable Elinchrom lighting. 

We think it's safe to say we got some images to be proud of.


woman_yoga_pose_portrait_outdoor_photography-5woman_yoga_pose_portrait_outdoor_photography-5 woman_yoga_pose_portrait_outdoor_photography-12woman_yoga_pose_portrait_outdoor_photography-12
woman_yoga_pose_portrait_outdoor_photography-13woman_yoga_pose_portrait_outdoor_photography-13 woman_yoga_pose_portrait_outdoor_photography-14woman_yoga_pose_portrait_outdoor_photography-14
woman_yoga_pose_portrait_outdoor_photography-10woman_yoga_pose_portrait_outdoor_photography-10 woman_yoga_pose_portrait_outdoor_photography-11woman_yoga_pose_portrait_outdoor_photography-11
woman_yoga_pose_portrait_outdoor_photography-15woman_yoga_pose_portrait_outdoor_photography-15 woman_yoga_pose_portrait_outdoor_photography-16woman_yoga_pose_portrait_outdoor_photography-16
woman_yoga_pose_portrait_outdoor_photography-17woman_yoga_pose_portrait_outdoor_photography-17 woman_yoga_pose_portrait_outdoor_photography-18woman_yoga_pose_portrait_outdoor_photography-18


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Thank you For providing such Information about Yoga. it is really good to know about it. you provided really good pictures.
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