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January 24, 2017  •  9 Comments

Are you still undecided about how to dress for business headshot?

This article highlights 5 tips to help you decide what to wear for business headshots.

What is the  company culture with dressing code ? It makes influence your choice of clothes. Also the location of the photo shoot (in our studio or on location) might have a bearing on your best camera-ready outfit.

At the end, only one thing to remember is the business headshot  only focuses on your face.  And others elements of the picture  (the background, lighting and clothing) should be not distracting and keep simple.

Let's talk about the 5 tips:


Tip 1.  What colors?

Color to choose that flatters the most are those mid-tone in green, blue, purple.  

Do not wear tops matching your flesh tones such as pastel, peach, yellow, beige or cream because the top will blend your into your clothes. 

Avoid red and orange, specially red color (which is associated to the color of violence).  

Please select plain colors! Avoid patterns, logo, it simply distracts your photo as shown below.

Sorry to say but red top with patterns does not look great.   Select plain color is better.
terrificshot.com glamour portraitCorporate headshot woman with red top and pattern

Black and White are too neutral and also have the tendency to match studio backdrop colors.  Replace black with a better neutral color such as maroon, forest green, chocolate or navy. 

Ok, let me give a useful tip here about how you can choose the color of your top.  Just pick a top that accentuates your eyes!

terrificshot.com color headshot topcolors top for woman headshot collage headshot woman outdoor with purple jacketcollage headshot woman outdoor with purple jacket

Tip 2. What about the jacket and the neckline?

Wearing a v-neck jacket is very flattering because it lengthens your neck and shows, as we say in french, the "décolleté". 

How should a pair my jacket and top ? avoid top with collar, it has tendency to be too distracting!

Always keep the neckline simple and sleek. 

With collar  Without collar : it lengthens your neck
outdoor_green_background_woman_headshot_natural_lightoutdoor_green_background_woman_headshot_natural_light corporate business Headshot Photographer Bay Area Sunnyvalecorporate business Headshot Photographer Bay Area Sunnyvale
terrificshot.com color jacket headshot  portraitcolors jacket for woman headshot

Tip 3.  I love jewelry, should I wear some?

As we mentioned earlier, the picture is about your face, not your jewelry!  Plus we believe jewelry will date your photo.  

  • just wear jewelry that is simple and small
  • Avoid jewelry that would distract from your face or that looks dated
  • Consider if facial piercings or multiple ear piercings are appropriate for where your photo will be displayed

Tip 4. How should I wear my hair and how much should I make-up?

Your make-up must be natural and clean. Avoid those products with plenty of sparkle or shine.  

Part of the session photo is the post retouching,  we understand some client shows up with an heavy layer of powder and make their face flawless.  We recommend to keep simple, avoid frosts or overly-bright colors.  Your face features are important and define who you are.  

As it might sound, we do not recommend to get a new hair cut just before the photo shoot.  it is better to let it grow a bit and get used to your new cut.

Tip 5. How should I Pose? 

That is our job to answer this question when you will be in front of our camera.  Check our previous blog entry about how corporate headshot should be done



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