Two Domestic Cats In The Wild | Pet Photography

May 02, 2021  •  3 Comments

At TerrificShot Photography, we do love pets.  We are always excited when a pet photoshoot opportunity comes to our door. 

We were happy Johnathan and Maggie hired us to capture pictures of their 2 beloved house cats : Pandora and Artemis.  

Prior the session, Johnathan asked us what would be the best places to take cats photos.  We recommended photographing cats in their natural environment, capturing all their quirks, habits, and facial expressions. In studio, the use of a flash often distracts animals, and sometimes frighten them. 

Outside, cat becomes more an observer and stays more still.  They forget the camera.  

When you’re photographing cats, remember to treat them as friends, and your photos will be full of emotions. Be patient and respect your subject — never force a cat to do something against his or her will.

Pets are family.  You can book your family photo session HERE

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Background Removal Service(non-registered)
Nice cat. Thanks for sharing
Alisa Lira(non-registered)
Excellent pet photography.
Jenny Neidhart(non-registered)
The domestic cat is an animal that has been domesticated by humans, and they are found around the world today. Domestic cats are a popular pet and many people love the companionship of these animals. However, these same people may be wondering what it would be like to have a wild cat as a pet. I will visit website in order to find the best writer. A wild cat would require a lot more work than a domesticated cat, but they are worth the effort.
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