Beautiful Midday Light

November 20, 2019  •  16 Comments

Everyone loves the beautiful, diffused light of the golden hour right before the sunset, but our lives exist outside of that hour.

Here’s the good news. There are stunning images waiting to be made in the middle of the day. Right when the sun is at its highest zenith in the sky, you can create beautiful images. In fact, some images work best when the sun is high in the sky. But, as photographers know, midday sun creates more challenges than it does solutions. No matter what type of photography we do, at TerrificShot, we know the techniques that tame the midday light.

This session was done at midday when the sun is high and the light is harsh. 

The light on that day was superb, and the joy of this beautiful family made even more enjoyable to shoot. 

We love capturing precious memories for families and we think we more than accomplished that with this session! 


family_of_four_outdoor_photo_8family_of_four_outdoor_photo_8 family_of_four_outdoor_photo_6family_of_four_outdoor_photo_6
family_of_four_outdoor_photo_4family_of_four_outdoor_photo_4 family_of_four_outdoor_photo_5family_of_four_outdoor_photo_5
family_of_four_outdoor_photo_3family_of_four_outdoor_photo_3 family_of_four_outdoor_photo_7family_of_four_outdoor_photo_7

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Capturing the warmth and joy of a beautiful family in the challenging midday sun is truly an art. TerrificShot Studio's ability to tame and make the most of that harsh light shines through, creating timeless memories for families.
Nelson Murdock(non-registered)
Impressive coverage area! TerrificShot Studio's accessibility across the Bay Area is a definite plus for anyone seeking professional headshots.
Famous People Who Did not Go To College(non-registered)
Basking in the beautiful midday light, the world is bathed in a warm, enchanting glow. Nature's colors come alive, embracing the day with a touch of magic.
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