Heading to the Studio: What to Wear for Your Professional Headshot

January 13, 2023  •  6 Comments

What you wear can have a significant impact in the final image when it comes to professional headshot photography. 
The right attire can help you look polished, confident, and professional, while the wrong outfit can detract from the overall impact of the photograph.

Here are 10 tips on what to wear for your professional headshot.

1) Business attire is one of the most frequently used choices for professional headshots.   

  • For men, a classic business look is often recommended. This typically includes a suit or blazer and slacks in solid, neutral colors such as black, navy, or gray. A dress shirt and tie are also a common choice, as they add a polished and professional look. A tie with a subtle pattern or texture can be added to add a little bit of personality to the outfit, but it is important to avoid ties with bold or distracting patterns. 
  • For women, a classic business look is often recommended. A suit or blazer with slacks or a pencil skirt in solid, neutral colors such as black, navy or gray are a popular choice. A blouse in a complementary color can be worn under the jacket or a dress in a similar style can be worn instead of a suit. A dress with a collar or a button-up shirt in neutral colors also makes a good choice. Avoid tops or dresses with busy patterns or too many embellishments, as they can be distracting in the photograph. It's important to accessorize in a minimalistic way, a simple earrings or a necklace can be enough. A tidy hairstyle and minimal makeup, that highlight the natural beauty, will complement the outfit.
woman executive portrait headshot with defocused blurred backgroundwoman executive portrait headshot with defocused blurred background young_man_executve_professional_portrait_headshot_studio_mountain_viewyoung_man_executve_professional_portrait_headshot_studio_mountain_view woman_headshot_studio_gray_bright_backgroundwoman_headshot_studio_gray_bright_background  

2) Professional dress: If your profession has a specific dress code, it is best to wear something that represents your industry.

For example, doctors and nurses may wear scrubs, chefs may wear their chef jackets, and artists may wear a more bohemian look. This will give a visual representation of the profession you are in and make the headshot look tailored to the profession.

Stanford Doctor Portrait Studio with White Background by TerrificShot PhotograpyStanford Doctor Portrait Studio with White Background by TerrificShot Photograpy woman_in_medical_lab_coat_white_portraitwoman_in_medical_lab_coat_white_portrait

3) Accessories: Keep accessories to a minimum in your headshot.

A watch, simple earrings or a necklace, and a ring is enough. Avoid busy patterns or bold jewelry, as they can be distracting in the photograph. This way, the attention will be on your face and not on the accessories.

woman_executive_corporate_headshot_with_blurred_office_backgroundwoman_executive_corporate_headshot_with_blurred_office_background man_outdoor_portraitman_outdoor_portrait

4) Grooming: Make sure your hair is styled and your face is clean-shaven for men or with minimal makeup for women.

A neat and well-groomed appearance is essential for a professional headshot. A good grooming can help you to look your best and project the image you want to share.

smiling_executive_portrait_textured_background_studiosmiling_executive_portrait_textured_background_studio portrait_studio_woman_with_blue_jacketportrait_studio_woman_with_blue_jacket

5) Color: When choosing an outfit for your professional headshot, it's important to consider the colors you wear.

Solid, neutral colors such as black, navy, and gray tend to be most flattering in photographs and can be combined with other colors to add some accent or pop. Avoid white, as it can wash out your face and be too bright. The colors you wear can reflect your personality, mood or even your professional persona.

woman_portrait_with_greenish_backdrop_studiowoman_portrait_with_greenish_backdrop_studio executive_ceo_portrait_studioexecutive_ceo_portrait_studio woman_headshot_blue_shirt+gray_background_studiowoman_headshot_blue_shirt+gray_background_studio

6) Bring Options: Bring several different outfits to the shoot and see which look better on the camera.

Sometimes, what you expect to look good on camera, may not look good at all, therefore, its always good to have some options to choose from.


7) Consider the Branding: Consider your brand and what message you want to communicate.

If your goal is to convey a sense of authority, gravitas, and competence, then conservative attire is probably best. If you're looking to be perceived as approachable, friendly, and accessible, then more casual attire might be a better fit. The attire and the way you present yourself on the photograph can be a reflection of your brand.

Man Head shot Portrait studio with gray backgroundMan Head shot Portrait studio with gray background woman_business_commercial_portrait_headshotwoman_business_commercial_portrait_headshot

8) Location Specific: Consider the location of the shoot and if it requires you to wear a specific clothing.

An outdoor shoot may require a different attire than an indoor one. Coordinating your attire to the location can make the photo look more natural and pleasing to the eye.

outdoor_natural_look_woman_portrait_headshot_mountain_view_photographeroutdoor_natural_look_woman_portrait_headshot_mountain_view_photographer woman_with_blond_shot_hair_glamor_portrait_outdoorwoman_with_blond_shot_hair_glamor_portrait_outdoor man_india_portrait_colorful_background_outdoor_portrait_parkman_india_portrait_colorful_background_outdoor_portrait_park

9) Wrinkle-free: Make sure your clothing is clean and wrinkle-free before the session.

Iron or steam your clothing if necessary, this will make you look neat and organized in the photograph.

man_with_light_blue_shirt_studio_backgroundman_with_light_blue_shirt_studio_background woman with blond hair against gray backdrop studiowoman with blond hair against gray backdrop studio

10) Dress for the occasion: Dress for the photo session as if you were going to an important meeting.

It will make you feel confident, polished and ready to take on the world. This mindset can help you to look more relaxed, natural and confident in the photograph.

woman_pink_kacket_professional_headshot_outdoorwoman_pink_kacket_professional_headshot_outdoor men_portrait_casual_candid_outdoor_photography_14men_portrait_casual_candid_outdoor_photography_14 blond_woman_portrait_corporate_headshot_studioblond_woman_portrait_corporate_headshot_studio  

By following these tips, you'll be able to select the appropriate outfit for your professional headshot and create a positive impression. The goal is to look polished, professional and confident.

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