One Year Old Boy Enjoys the Outdoors

June 05, 2019  •  4 Comments

It was such a delight to meet again little Alan.  Photographing Alan was so much fun because we let him be himself, wander and explore. Yes, he is one year old and is a (almost) walking, babbling, adventurous toddler.  Enjoy these photos! 

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hairdressers and beauty salons in thornhill(non-registered)
Wow! this baby is so cute and looking like my nephew.
Is Rashes a Sign of Teething(non-registered)
the baby with blue eyes in the photo is very cute.
VPS Server(non-registered)
wow baby is so cute and his dress . baby outdoors's gallery is beautiful. it comes easy if a child comfortable for photoshoot otherwise we know hahaha . your child so disciplinary baby.
Outdoor Xsports(non-registered)
Hi buddy,

Children's outdoor activity is must needed thing. It's necessary for a child physical and mental health. I just read your post, really nice post. Thanks for sharing.
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