Family Reunion at Cuesta Park, Mountain View

March 30, 2019  •  3 Comments

This session was fantastic. A large, happy, and fun family in Mountain View at a favorite gorgeous location. The Wong family adored one another, and it was obvious. We just wanted to capture a little bit of that love.

There are few occasions when entire families get together, and having a professional photographer capture the people and generations interacting is a wonderful way to commemorate the reunion.

However, there are some things to keep in mind to ensure that everyone feels at ease in front of the camera and that you get amazing images that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

Inform people that a photographer will be present, especially if you intend to take more traditional group portraits. A good photographer understands poses that can help you to look thinner, lighting that will make you look great, and can do it all while ensuring you have a good time. When people are aware that they will be photographed, they dress (or bring a change of clothes) in ways that make them feel at ease and confident in the image.

Providing your photographer with a list of the more formal image groupings ahead of time. Tell your photographer how many family portraits you want and who will be in them.

Let people know when and where the portraits will be taken, and plan it early in the event. This ensures that everyone is present and then frees them (especially parents with children) to do whatever activity they want without having to worry about getting sweaty or dirty.

Allow the photographer to do what he or she does best. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions. We genuinely value our clients' ideas and suggestions. However, we specialize in capturing events and families.


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My family reunion was at Cuesta Park in Mountain View. It was the first time that all of my family members were able to meet up in person and spend some quality time together. We had a picnic lunch, played some games, and enjoyed the company of each other. I had a great time and I'm so glad that I could share this moment with my family.
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