Amber & Steve San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts

October 01, 2019  •  1 Comment

We had a wonderful time and so much fun with this cute and sweet couple Amber & Steve for their post wedding ceremony session shooting in San Francisco.  

We went to two great locations to capture some classic, iconic San Francisco photos. First, we visited the Palace of Fine Arts, where we were greeted with a golden sun and beautiful-as-always architecture. (Actually, while the light was gorgeous, soft, and warm… in reality it was quite cold that day — but that didn’t faze them!) Then we went to Crissy Field across the street where we caught a little bit of the sunset glow plus just enough fog to paint a dreamy Golden Gate Bridge backdrop behind the lovely couple.

We’re happy that A&S got such a happy welcome to San Francisco, and we wish a huge congrats to the newly-wedded couple!


palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_10palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_10 palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_11palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_11
palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_3palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_3 palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_4palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_4
palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_13palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_13 palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_14palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_14
palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_1palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_1 palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_2palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_2
palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_16palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_16 palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_17palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_17
palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_6palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_6 palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_7palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_7
palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_8palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_8 palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_9palace_of_fine_art_san_francisco_9



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