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A good Video Introduction

allows MORE people to SEE, HEAR, and REMEMBER you.

With the dynamic changing economy and the rapid growth of social media, recruiters and hiring managers search more the web to find out more about candidates. They use & simply trust your LinkedIn information profile than a standard resume in order to make better hiring decisions.

Based on a survey, people are 7-10 times would prefer to view a video then to read an profile. 

TerrificShot Photography Video Service can help you to better market yourself by creating a professional video resume which focus on your introduction speech (aka elevator speech)  

We currently offer easy and affordable base packages:

  • $175 for 30mn session; video only (Studio or Outdoor) 
  • $250  for one hour session;  video resume + 1 professional Headshot photo; (Studio or Outdoor) 

What the prerequisites before you come to the session?

You must have prepared an elevator speech which must keep it short around 30 seconds. Click here, If you need some tips about how to write an elevator speech.

We expect you have rehearsed out loud your elevator speech and ensure you’re comfortable with your own words. 

Below are 2 samples:

Fred needed a video resume and new corporate business headshot for his linkedin profile.  We did the session at his home for only 45mn.  Fred has his elevation speech ready and had practiced it before we arrived. 

video_sample_resume_behind_scene1video_sample_resume_behind_scene1 video_sample_resume_behind_scene3video_sample_resume_behind_scene3
Man with tie for executive portrait headshotMan with tie for executive portrait headshot

Kim came to our studio for a corporate headshot.  She decided to do a video resume when she was there.  She had not prepared any speech.  She wrote quickly the elevation speech on our laptop.

video_sample_resume_behind_scene_studio2video_sample_resume_behind_scene_studio2 video_sample_resume_behind_scene_studio1video_sample_resume_behind_scene_studio1

Kim hasn't really rehearsed her elevation speech. Holding the laptop as tele prompter helped her a lot.

Here some tips on How to Appear Relaxed, Open  and Confident

  • Try to avoid to cross your arms and legs

  • Minimize sudden or tense gestures, keep your hand relaxed or use them to synchronize with what you’re saying.

  • Shoulders should hang loosely down.

  • Do not point as this shows aggression. Instead use the “Ok” sign when making a point gives a positive impression.

  • Always make eye contact by looking at the camera. 

  •  Don’t force a smile, but think positive thoughts.



What Is an Elevator Speech?

An elevator speech should be the answer to the question “so tell me a little about yourself” at an interview. 

An elevator speech must introduce yourself and must be delivered without effort, it must highlight your uniqueness and focuses on the benefits you provide. 

A recruiter without any experience in your industry must be able to understand what you do, how you do it, and who you do it for.  

Keep the video short about 30 seconds! yes, keep the video short.  Too long might affect the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.  

7 Tips about Preparing/Writing an Elevator Speech?

  1. Make sure you know yourself  : What are your key strengths?  What is it you’re trying to let others know about you? What problems do you solve? Focus primarily on your professional skills and experience.
  2. Take a moment to establish who you are by mentioning your name (first & last), and then tell a little summary about yourself.  Let the employer know who you are.   
  3. Make sure you create an opening sentence that will grab the recruter’s attention.  It must leave the listener wanting more information.  
  4. Remove or change any industry jargon or acronyms into everyday language that the recruiter can understand.
  5. Make sure you practice your speech; You must talk about yourself with confidence.  It must sound natural. Practice in front of a mirror to get a feel for your facial expressions.
  6. Make sure your speech is written with short sentences that will maintain enthusiasm and interest high.
  7. Dont forget to thank the recruiter for watching. Invite them to contact you for further discussion


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