Why hire a professional photographer for an Architecture & Interior photography ?


TerrificShot Photography™'s team will produce high-end imagery that will make your firm stand out from the competition. Over the years we have developed a unique set of techniques to capture and process architecture photographs, which will always produce stunning imagery.

Call or text us at +1 (408) 475-1940 or email us if you have any questions.

We would love working with you. We want to create images that you can use for years to come, both for marketing and for impressing new clients.

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Architecture Interior Design Architecture Interior DesignArchitecture Interior Design


Whether you are a designer, architect, or owner of a commercial space, the environment you want shot reflects your unique vision and this needs to translate into compelling, inviting images that showcase key elements of the space.

TerrificShot Photography's team understands how to compose the shot and arrange the space, working with furniture and decorative items. Choosing the right lens, working with existing natural light and understanding how to fold in additional lighting, along with knowing what tools to use to shape light, balancing color temperatures, and so forth, that will make all the difference.

Working with such advanced techniques, we will bring your home to life in a way that the atmosphere is captured and the properties best features are highlighted.


Architecture interior design bay area sunnyvale terrificshot PhotographyArchitecture interior design bay area sunnyvale terrificshot PhotographyArchitecture interior design bay area sunnyvale terrificshot Photography

More about light. Do we use natural light? Do we take photos at a certain time of day? Do we bring lighting with us? 

We do understand the Light . Light is a critical tool in creating drama and visual interest in an interior, and we use natural light as much as possible.

We love diffused, soft light. Sometimes it is possible, with windows and excellent outdoor views, to shoot entirely without additional lighting, using a technique called HDR (High Dynamic Range).

We use this in certain situations where we know the image will maintain a natural look.

Many other times, we determine how we will use the natural light available and slowly add in either needed general diffused lighting or small fill light, say on a dresser or cabinet.

We begin with only natural light, and as we develop the shot, making composition considerations and adjusting the interior, each lighting addition is addressed and folded in.

Architecture Interior Design

How long have you been doing this and what got you started?

All member of TerrificShot Photography are advanced professional landscape photographer.  We work hard with the camera to get the elements right while taking the image – exposure, composition, contrast, lighting. That background has made us a expert in Architecture and Interior design photography.  

Architecture Interior Design

What to Expect When Photographing a Home for Sale?

Because each photoshoot is custom, each job begins with a walkthrough early in the morning to create a schedule that allows us to plan the day efficiently.

We usually follow the sun around the home, working with it to create the best lighting situations that highlight the home and its amenities.

We will discuss with you, the client, your thoughts on the home's best features and any input you have related to the shoot. If you believe that there is a certain feature that you absolutely love and sets your home apart, let us know and We'll be sure to give it extra attention.

Architecture Interior Design
Architecture Interior Design

Post Production 

The photographs are usually processed and uploaded to a private client proofing gallery within one week of the shoot.

We will then be able to give any feedback or let us know of any retouching requests before final delivery.

One free round of retouching/revising is included with every shoot.

If there have any blemishes that you'd like us to take care of ahead of time, be sure to let me know and it won't be a problem.


Licensing terms and Print

You are free to do whatever you'd like with these files, short of selling them for profit.

We like to keep it simple and easy for the client, with no complicated licensing terms or print restrictions.

If you are interested in putting together a book of images that document the home as a keepsake, we can arrange that as well, so please let us know when you book the shoot if you'd like to pursue that option.


  • Daylight interiors and exteriors: $50 per finished photograph

  • Twilight image alone: $250 per finished photograph

  • Twilight with interiors: $100 per finished photograph

  • No complicated licensing terms or print restrictions.

Please note that there is a five shot minimum for real estate photography services.


Call or text us at +1 (408) 475-1940 or email us if you have any questions.

We are featured on 
Herve in Sunnyvale, CA on Houzz