Hi, You are a 4/5 stars well-known restaurant in Saratoga but your web site photos do not do justice to your reputation.  

Would you like to upgrade your Website photos for zero cost? 


WE are specialized in Real Estate and Architectural Interior Design photography.  We just want to develop commercial photography.  


For short period time, we propose the following to prestige French/European restaurant located in Bay Area.


  • We redo a commercial shoot for free, no contract.  
  • For Real Estate and Interior design, We usually price each photo $50.  But with this offer, if you love the photos and you want to use it on your website,   what we ask in exchange is: 
  1. Credit/advertise our photography company in your "photo gallery" page with a permanent link pointing to our website. 
  2. Offer FREE dinner for 2 
  3. Post a 5 stars YELP review on our business. 





(408) 475-1940

[email protected]


Here sample of our work:


  • Wall distorsion should have corrected on the spot or post-processing.  
  • Incorrect color balance
  • White overexposed sky
NOTE:  The idea is not to fix your existing photo.  I offer to reshoot your restaurant properly.
  • Left inside of the photo is too dark.  Viewer eyes are drawn to the overexposed windows.
  • distortion walls
  • camera too low. it should be above table.
  •  adding candles on table would make a difference.  
  • Same issue with wall distortion. Verticals are not vertical. Tables looks to slide down on the left. 
  • Overexposed window.  it would be great to see the street view from the window. 
  • No staging.  2 foreground plates seems not centered because image has been cropped. 

Room too dar.  Eyes are drawn to ceiling candle.  

Camera too low.  It must be above table.  

fixing lighting and walls distortion but the shot suffers from bad angle and perspective

Photo is too dark.  Do you feel invited? Do you feel to walk into this room and seat at the table?  

windows overexposed.  We need to see the street view with correct exposure.  

Camera too low.

Table needs some staging.

Improving and balancing the lighting to make the place more inviting. 

camera too low

bad perspective. 

fixing wall distortion and lighting.  this shot needs to be redone
room too dark .  Eyes are drawn to windows. shot needs to be redone

room too dark.  No lights on table that will make the brighter the scene.

Wall distortion.  The top is curved. 

shot need to be redone













same as above. Left side is too dark.   shot needs to be redone













poor lighting.  we don't feel to seat in this right corner.   

this could be fixed easily by adding lights on table. 

shot needs to be redone.